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Investments in Advanced Production Equipment fuels rapid growth at Schaefer’s

Schaefer’s Electrical Enclosures continues to demonstrate they are committed to their growth strategy with the recent investment and implementation of “state of the art” manufacturing equipment. After moving into their new 280,000 sqft campus in 2009 the company followed suite with key capital equipment investments to support the market. Aligned with a strategy to concentrate on “unique solutions for customer applications,” they balanced the correct capital equipment investments with their focus on people and processes to enhance the customer experience.

“We’ve identified great partners to work with in Salvagnini and Reis Robotics to bring forward a robust manufacturing system that can be competitive and agile,” reports Rob Ward – VP of Technology and Engineering.

We believe offering a unique solution helps customers eliminate costly field retrofits and provides a total reduced cost of manufacture and installation. The most recent laser and robotic weld equipment were commissioned in the first half of  2013. 

You can never underestimate the importance of a “people focused” organization. Providing the right resources in a great market has allowed us to advance capability and we continue to demonstrate how advantaged we are because of our commitment to people development.

“It’s an important element to ensuring we get the best from our equipment, our buildings which are all focused on improving our response to the customer, and we do this by ensuring our people are an important part of our investment,” added Angi Herman, Manager of HR.


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