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Continued Education for Leaders
Last fall, 16 managers and leaders at Schaefer’s Electrical Enclosures participated in a proven Supervisory Skills training program entitled “90 Days to Success”. This program was presented by AAIM Employers’ Association, of which Schaefer’s is a member. The 90 Days program is a rigorous program designed to teach the necessary skills to become a successful supervisor. The program is a combination of classroom training, computer-based instruction, on-the-job assignments, and personal coaching. We believe this program is an effective tool in improving current managers’ skills, as well as increasing the skills of future leaders. As a result of this course, two of our leaders, Teri Goodman and Jason Abernathy, were promoted to Supervisor roles.

“I believe this program is successful because of the varied material and means of delivery of the information. The personal coaching really helps individuals focus on their own personal growth areas,” stated Angi Herman, HR Manager. 

Seasoned manager, Tommy Miller, added “That was the best training I have had in my working career as far as techniques for becoming a better leader. The training book is on my desk and I use it each time I plan to work with an individual or my team.” 

Based on the success of this program, we are planning to have more of our leaders attend this training in the spring.