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Cooling Accessories

Cooling Accessories

Electrical components used in today’s production processes often generate a significant amount of heat. Preventing sensitive circuitry from overheating is critical to preventing premature aging and possible system shutdowns that can lead to downtime and loss of revenue. Proper regulation of the enclosure climate is necessary to maintain the rated life expectancy of your electronics.

Schaefer’s offers a comprehensive line of cooling options to help prolong the life of your electronics. Whether your application is indoor, outdoor, in an area susceptible to dust and debris, in a humid or corrosive environment, or even in an area that is hostile to a cooling unit, we have multiple thermal management solutions available for your specific needs. Schaefer’s can not only help source a thermal solution, we can provide the cutouts necessary for thermal installation and even complete the installation.

We carry the following cooling accessories:

  • Side-mounted Indoor A/C Units
  • Side-mounted Outdoor A/C Units
  • Side-mounted 4X Washdown Unit
  • Top mounted A/C Units
  • Integrated Units
  • Hazardous Location Units
  • Thermoelectric Units
  • Air-to-Water Heat Exchangers
  • Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers
  • Water-to-Water Heat Exchangers
  • Water-Cooled Air Conditioners
  • Chillers