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Standard Enclosure
Schaefer's standard product features are detailed in our catalog here. Please note our standard paint color for enclosures, RAL 7035 Light Gray Textured and Standard White for subpanels
Modified Standard Enclosure
Schaefer's Modified Standard Enclosures are Standard Enclosures that can be painted RAL 7035, Schaefer Standard White, or ANSI 61 Smooth at no additional charge. They may also ohave the addition of accessories such as viewing windows, drip shields, or other accessory and custom punching (a drawing or detailed location of punching is required)
Custom Enclosure
Schaefer's excels at customizing enclosures to fit our customers' needs. A Custom Enclosure could incorporate any of the features that are included on a Modified Standard as well as special colors, modified shapes, interior or exterior additions such as brackets, pem, or CD studs to ease in the installation of components. Our engineering staff will work closely with you in designing the perfect enclosure to best suit your needs
Thermal Products
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