Filters & Fans


Schaefer’s filter fans can remove a relatively high amount of heat for a much lower price than traditional air conditioner units. We carry a complete line of fans and accessories for use in multiple applications. With the introduction of our Type 3R filter fans – the need for bulky rain hoods can often be eliminated.

Many of our fans, including our Type 12 and Type 3R fans, can be installed without the use of tools. Schaefer’s can also provide your fan cutouts and install to eliminate multiple boxes and shipments. When combined with an optional thermostat, you can also gain the added advantages of preventing excessive energy usage and reducing the frequency of filter changes, which results in reducing the associated maintenance costs.

We carry the following filters and fans:

  • Filter Fans
  • Top Mount Filter Fans
  • EMC Filter Fans
  • UV Filter Fans
  • Type 3R Filter Fans
  • Type 4X Washdown Filter Fans
  • Panel Fans
  • Axial Fans
  • Rain Hoods